About Us

Centre for Ethics Trust is a non-profit, non-partisan and public benefit ethics & integrity advancement organization in East Africa and beyond. Registered in Kenya as a Trust, CFE is inspired by the desire to transform character. We believe that ethical practices must be championed in all facets of our social, economical and political lives in order that there is peace and harmony in the world.


Eradication of unethical behavior and promotion of human values in Kenya and East Africa.


Our mission is to eradicate corruption by promoting, training and advancing ethics & integrity in the general socio-economic and political development in the East African region.


Integrity, Reliability, Honesty, Accountability and Courage


We commit to transform the core that constitutes an individual which is their values, beliefs and attitudes. We  believe good habit can be learnt and ethics is a matter of habits. We also believe that bad habits can be unlearned and every person has an ability to relearn new habits which is what we endeavor to accomplish. We are dedicated to bring a culture of values back to our country through training, one organization after another, one institution after another.