CFE offers certified courses in collaboration with our strategic Partner Globalethics virtual University in the U.S A. which are packaged as seminars, workshops and customized programs.
Our Online and Onsite courses include
1) Ethical Expectation Code of Conduct
2) Stewardship of Company Assets
3) Considering confidentiality and Intellectual property
4) Ethical Decision Making Skills.
5) Understand and dealing with conflicts of interest
6) Fair Treatment at Workplace
7) Courageous Ethical Leadership
8) Dealing with Gifts and hospitality issues.
Other Onsite Courses include
1) Executive Ethics Awareness Courses.
2) Assessing Ethics and Integrity risks of an organization.
3) Ethics: – the Key pillar of governance.
4) Building an Ethical culture as an Anticorruption Strategy
5) Ethics Officers’ Continuous Education Program
6) Building and Maintaining an Ethical Culture – Tools for businesses
7) Developing and living your organizations code of conduct
8) Developing an organization’s Ethics Policy
9) Creating an Ethics function within your organization
10) Value based leadership